We just installed Brand new

Runway End Identifier Lights

The Airport Authority recently completed a project to replace the Runway End Identifier Lights on runways 8/26. These lights are invaluable to assist the pilot in identifying the approach end of each runway, especially in less the ideal weather conditions. The new omni-directional lights are turned on remotely by clicking the radio microphone 7 times on the Unicom frequency (123.05). The REILs will remain on until turned off with 3 additional microphone clicks.

New Paint & Crack repair for the

Runway & taxiway

THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN COMPLETED! We hope this upgrade improves your aviation experience at 22N.

The Airport Authority just recently accepted a grant in the amount of almost $240,000 to perform crack repair on the runway and taxiway followed by newly painted runway and taxiway lines and markings. This project has been a long time in coming and was planned to be completed earlier this year. The COVID-19 fiasco put a halt to a lot of stuff, and this project was one of them. We are hoping to get it completed this year yet, but that remains to be seen. Accepting the grant for this project is a major step in moving forward towards it’s completion. This project may require intermittent runway closures, so please be aware of that and follow procedures to keep up with any Notices To Airmen that are issued. The grant is a combination of 90% FAA funds, 5% State funds and 5% Airport Authority funds. Stayed tuned for project updates.

Replacing our existing

Jet Fuel System

The Airport Authority has received a grant for approximately $360,000 to replace the existing jet fuel system.  The existing 10,000 gallon epoxy lined double wall tank will be replaced with a new 12,000 gallon stainless steel double wall tank which also includes a new pumping and filtration system. This project was expected to be completed in Spring of 2020, but we all know what kind of year 2020 turned out to be! This grant has been accepted, and the new tank is currently being manufactured. We are expecting tank installation in the mid-April to mid-May time frame.

UPDATE: Although we had to endure a 5 to 6 week delay is getting this project started, it has been completed and the new 12,000 gallon jet fuel facility is operational.  As you can see in the photographs, the difference between the 25 year old system and the new system is quite impressive.  We thank everyone involved in making it happen and we especially appreciate the patients of our customers during the down time.